Register for The BloggerHop!

Hi! Welcome to The BloggerHop! My name is Kirsten. I started this project in April of 2019 as a way to help bloggers discover other bloggers.

The BloggerHop is a project designed to help bloggers find new blogs and bloggers that they share interests with as well as prompts to help get conversations going. The concept is not new and has been around for years where bloggers post what some call memes or prompts with a question, a topic or something similar on their blog to get others thinking and posting and then the members of the blogger hop go around reading the other bloggers blogs and leaving comments and discovering new blogs and maybe reconnecting with bloggers they’ve lost track of or newcomers to blogging.

With The BloggerHop you can participate even further by leaving a comment on the prompt post on The BloggerHop with a link to your own blog for other bloggers to visit and see your answer to the weekly prompts. On your own blog, you will write about the prompt or answer the question and link back to The BloggerHop so that your readers can join and find other bloggers as well. Please see the rules here.

You can register at the top of this page or in the Site Stuff section on the right-hand side. By registering you can contribute to the weekly prompts via guest bloggers who can do the prompt for the week for further exposure to their own blog. All prompts will be added to a master list of prompts by week, year and month so that you can also look through them to use them as ideas and prompts for further posts if you’d like. Each person who participates will link The BloggerHop inviting their readers to join.