Hi! And welcome to The BloggerHop! My name is Kirsten. I registered this domain a few days ago with an idea in mind and The BloggerHop was born. It’s not really a new concept. It’s been around as long as blogging has. I started this site to help bring bloggers together and help us discover other blogs that we will love. The BloggerHop is open to any blogger who wants to participate. You can register here.

The rules are fairly simple.


  1. Register for The BloggerHop.
  2. Check out the weekly prompt on the blog page. The prompts will come out every Sunday for the week to come.
  3. Write about the prompt onĀ your blog.
  4. Comment on the weekly prompt with a link back to your blog.
  5. Check out the other bloggers via their comments link to their page.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Bonus – Use the contact form to request to be a guest blogger to post the next prompt.

If you would like to read more please visit the About page.